Reading This Week

Just finished Madeline Stevens’s Devotion this week – review forthcoming!

Re-reading Leaves of Grass in tandem with the captivating beauty that is We Contain Multitudes, a new YA novel from Sarah Henstra.

“Corrie” by Alice Munro, read by Margaret Atwood on The New Yorker Fiction Podcast – As usual, I enjoyed the narration and discussion with Deborah Treisman just as much as the story itself. A student of mine introduced me to Alice Munro quite recently, I regret to say. But, fear not! I now have a copy of Too Much Happiness and am looking forward to hanging out in “Munro country” for a while. (It was extremely difficult to know which story collection to select! I chose the above, because the introduction was written by Miriam Toews. So, obvi.)